What is Earthings about?

Inspired by all the beauty in the world. Earthings is on a mission to capture some of this beauty and share it with you.

Focusing on sourcing natural, high quality products ranging from block printed tapestries, mandala roundies, himalayan salt products, jewelry and much more. We have a very specific criteria such as environmentally friendly, ethicality and quality.

Our love of all things beautiful starts with family and by shopping at Earthings you are joining ours. We hope to redefine what “shopping” means to you by offering you a unique assortment of beautiful items and delivering unparalleled quality at affordable prices.

Our style is a bit like a river carving its way through the earth; even when we touch upon a trend, we carry it somewhere new.

Earthings is the melodic blend of modern fashion, friendship, and beauty. It is the free-spirited essence of who you are. Earthings is a culture created for those that love what we love. To live, go on adventures, dance to the music and be organically authentic.

We travel to different markets and festivals around South Africa. Please check out our events page on Facebook to find out where we will be next.  We look forward to meeting you on our travels.

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