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This micro macrame necklace features a gorgeous Amethyst, set with brown & purple wax thread.  The necklace is one of a kind creation, handmade with the macrame technique.  The necklace is adjustable so it can be worn short or long.  The wax thread is very strong and feels very natural, it also maintains its color and shape for a long time.

Amethyst improves concentration, memory and other mental abilities. Acting as a means against depression, it helps cure headache and reduce fears. The light of Amethyst calms and relaxes, enabling the person who wears it to clarify the thoughts and achieve inner harmony. Besides the abilities to awaken clairvoyance, it protects against witchcraft and evil forces.

Amethyst will help you whenever you find yourself overwhelmed with negative energies, such as rage, hatred and guilt, or if you want to reduce sorrow and pain. It helps in cases of grief, and encourages acceptance of loss. On the other hand, it provides insight into the powers of Divine love, encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom, and stimulates the third eye.

On the physical level, Amethyst regulates the secretion of hormones, cleanses the blood, regulates the blood pressure, calms the nerves, protects the heart, soothes bruising and swellings, and helps in cases of hearing disorders. It is beneficial for the digestive system; it relaxes and enables easier falling asleep. It facilitates hair growth, and cleanses the skin and pores.

Amethyst should be discharged under the flow of luke-warm running water. It should be charged next to a bunch of rock crystals. Excessive exposure to sunlight is not recommended.

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