Epona White Brass Pendant

Epona White Brass Pendant

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Brass is a metallic alloy made up of copper and zinc. It has been used since the third millennium B.C. in places like West Asia and the Mediterranean, and it was referenced in the Bible, in Shakespeare, and in countless texts since. It was used to make clocks, and jewelry for thousands of years. It is often chosen because it looks similar to gold but costs just a fraction of the price. Today, brass is used extensively in musical instruments thanks to its acoustic functions, but it is also used in all kinds of jewelry like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Quick Overview

Material: Pure Brass with adjustable size cotton necklace
Dimensions (width x length) : L 35mm
Metal Weight : 5 grams

Nickel free!
Sold as Single Pcs

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