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How To Use & Care For Your Himalayan Salt Block

Designate a ‘Top’ and ‘Bottom’

Always cook food on the same side of the block. This will prolong the life of the slab by deterring cracking and slowing the expansion of existing fissures in the salt.

Heat It Slowly

Himalayan pink salt should be heated at a rate of no more than 200 degrees of temperature increase per 15 minutes. HPS a natural product with flaws and fault lines. If you heat your block too quickly, you may instead find yourself in possession of a whole lot of very expensive pink salt for your grinder!

Safety, Safety, Safety!

Himalayan salt blocks can get very hot and stay that way for a long time. Protect your hands and your kitchen surfaces by investing in a sturdy rack upon which to carry your HPS block. You may also want to get a pair of high-heat resistant gloves. A super-heated salt block can and will burn your fingers right through most cooking mitts. Instead, I highly recommend leather welding gloves. While this may sound odd, they work extremely well not only with salt blocks, but also for safely handling heavy cast iron cookware.

Don’t Oil The Block

If you must use oil, brush it lightly on your food. Oil applied directly to the block will work its way into the cracks. At best, the oil will go rancid and you will have to throw away your salt block. At worst, it will catch fire and make a pretty spectacle in your kitchen or grill area.

Never Ever Wash It

Ok, so a little bit of washing will be necessary. However, this is the one area where you need to be most careful. Use a damp sponge, scrub the surface lightly and pat the surface dry immediately. Remember, salt and water are very good friends. Given the chance, Mr Water will sweep Ms Salt right out of your arms and away down the drain.

Also, no soap. Ever.

Use It Frequently

Just like any other tool in your good-health arsenal, the more you use your HPS block, the better you will get at it. Once you get the knack of it, you may find yourself becoming more creative in the kitchen in general. After all, you are preparing food on a prehistoric rock. Cooking just doesn’t get any more incredible than that!